Photo : Franklin Joseph - Specialist in Women Safety, Women Self Defense and Women Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence, Corporate Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse
quotesBased on my expereince in street fights, only one thing works, how to take a punch and how to throw a punch. And that what we got is a raw honest reality - Criminals will never replicate what is being taught in any martial arts or self defense class. Fear, Stress, Panic, Shock, Surprise w/o Multiple attackers, insecurity of lack of Strength, Fitness level etc are something we never ignore in our training. Our mantra is 60% Psychological Combat Readiness & 40% Military Realistic-Scenario based Progressive Tough Training. Rest is luck... :) Jai Hind.quotes
Safety Specialist Franklin Joseph 'Dr. Safety'
C.E.O. | Child-Women Specialist on Crime, Violence, Harassment & Sexual Abuse | 2003 : Joined Krav-Maga | Social Entrepreneur | 1986 : Started Research on Abuse | Violence & Abuse Survivor since 4 years old | Speaker : +80 Corporate / College / Schools | Featured : TOI, HT, Bang. Mirror, NDTV, CNN-Ibn, TimesNow, TV9 etc.
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